Silly (HATS)

I’m not even sure they are hats considering they actually have holes and are really just a round brim.

Wikitree Photo Challenge of the week

Wedding of Debra Steelman to Ed Campbell, 1967

In our family photos, I didn’t find many that fit the theme. I don’t think of us as a particular sober family and it surprises me a little that there no photos that show that side of us.

Growing up I can remember many stories of pranks played and jokes shared between my uncles. One of the first characterizations almost always mentioned of my grandfather was that he was a jokester.

I can only assume that enough puritanical blood still flows through our veins to keep us from recording anything frivolous for posterity.

Then I stumbled onto the picture above.

That family stoicism shines through the joy of the occasion in the way we’re all holding ourselves, all of us standing so properly.

Even the fact that it was 1966 doesn’t quite account for the hats. I’m not even sure they are hats considering they actually have holes and are really just a round brim. Inspired by The Flying Nun, perhaps? Regardless, I doubt many people would argue that they are indeed silly.

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